Orion Inc Combines Jackpotcity Canada & Leovegas Germany to Boost Oranje Casino Keyword Included  

Orion Inc was baffled as to why the Oranje Casino was not performing at optimal consistency like their other casinos around the world. Orion Inc had grown into one of the most successful brands of casinos worldwide and they had casinos operating in dozens of countries. However, one of the casinos within their home country, the United States, was performing extremely poorly and profits continued to slide every month. The CEO of Orion Inc decided to investigate the matter for himself to determine what the root of the problem might be. He wanted to find out if it was the casino games, the staff, the atmosphere, or something he could not think of at the moment.

When he arrived at Oranje Casino, he was baffled to see that the casino was almost like a ghost town. It was a nearly 10:00pm on a Friday night and the casino was nearly empty other than a few people playing the slot machines and one poker game with four participants. The staff did not seem to care that the casino looked like it was a shell of its former self. The Oranje Casino used to be one of the hottest casinos on the East coast of the United States, but no one would ever be able to tell now. The Oranje casino is knows for their great online casino bonus aanbieding.


The CEO walked around and was furious at every element of the casino he laid his eyes upon. The casino games were outdated and dusty, the poker and blackjack dealers looked like they did not care about the games they were dealing, and all the energy had been sucked out of the casino. He was furious, and he called for an immediate meeting with the General Manager of the Oranje Casino to get to the bottom of this nightmare.

The General Manager complained that he had no help establishing a fun environment for the casino and he did not care anymore about the success of the brand. The CEO had heard enough, and he closed the Oranje Casino on the spot and ordered everyone to immediately leave the premises. He told the entire staff to gather their belongings and leave the property as well. The General Manager asked why he was making them leave in addition to the customers. The CEO stated that the entire staff of the Oranje Casino was fired, and the casino’s operations would be suspended until further notice.


Frustrated what he witnessed at his former highly touted United States casino of Orion Inc, the CEO decided to visit two of his most successful casinos abroad to determine why they were much more successful than the Oranje Casino. He visited Jackpotcity Canada which was in Toronto, and he visited Leovegas Germany which was in Munich. The two casinos had witnessed enormous success over the past several years and they were the two highest grossing casinos in the Orion Inc franchise.

After he toured each casino, he realized there was one thing that Jackpotcity.com Canada and Leovegas casino Germany had that no other casinos in Orion Inc possessed. Each of them gave out a free spin bonus that awarded customers free spins on slot machines. He remembered that the slot machines for each casino were always slammed packed and he could not figure out why.

Curious as to how they got the idea of a free spin bonus, he discovered that the General Managers of the two casinos used to work at the same casino under the Orion Inc brand. They had discussed the idea of a free spin bonus together while they were former employees at their old casino. The manager of Jackpotcity Canada got his opportunity first and he noticed tremendous success when he first instituted it. Every customer of the casino would receive a higher free spin bonus the more times they visited the casino. This was an incentive for the customers to keep returning to the casino to play the slot machines on a more frequent basis. Jackpotcity Canada handed out more prizes than many other casinos, but they had many more people playing slot machines than other casinos. Their profits soared and they were the highest grossing casino in Orion Inc within a matter of months.

When the Leovegas Germany received a new General Manager, the free spin bonus concept was immediately applied. The Leovegas Germany started noticing similar profits to Jackpotcity Canada in less than six months and was the second highest grossing casino in Orion Inc. The CEO concluded that the free spin bonus concept was one the Oranje Casino needed to light a spark and generate business.  They hav a special bonus on the bookofra.com Deutschland app.